WAGG thanks our ANC3E commissioners for their tireless work on the Georgetown Day School (GDS) development project.  They have advocated for the best interests of the community throughout this lengthy process.

On October 14, 2015 the ANC3E commissioners wrote at letter (see link below) to Russell Shaw of GDS reaffirming longstanding concerns about the increased traffic and, more specifically, the GDS Transportation Management Plan (TMP).  The ANC3E reiterated their call to GDS “…to propose a TMP that achieves no net increase in the number of vehicular trips to and from the combined school over the number that are made currently in connection with the high school.”  Further, the ANC3E called “…on the school to share all data and modeling it has done or will do in connection with its traffic analysis, including a comprehensive illustration of proposed changes and anticipated traffic volume at the intersections surrounding the project and at gateway intersections within a quarter-mile radius.”  And finally the ANC3E urged “…GDS to consider creating an independent third-party body to ensure monitoring of commitments made to the community pursuant to the PUD process.” 

WAGG shares the ANC3E’s concerns about the increased traffic resulting from this development.  At this point the GDS’s TMP is vague, aspirational, and unenforceable.  We strongly support ANC3E’s goal of “no net increase in vehicular trips” and we welcome the creation of independent third-party traffic monitor.

We urge all neighborhood residents to read the ANC3E letter to GDS. 

Please send emails voicing your support of their efforts directly to the commissioners with a cc to Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh. Here is the contact information:

Jonathan Bender, Chair

Tom Quinn               

Anne Wallace          

Amy Hall                  

Jon McHugh           

Mary Cheh, CM Ward 3    MCheh@DCCOUNCIL.US

Here is the link to the letter: