In June 2014 Georgetown Day School purchased the Safeway property located on 42nd Street, and the Martens auto dealerships located on Wisconsin Avenue.

GDS proposes a two-pronged development plan to meet their objectives:

STUDENT EXPANSION:  All students from the GDS Lower School (elementary & middle school) presently located on MacArthur Blvd will permanently move to the GDS Upper School campus in Tenleytown on Davenport Street. The student population will increase from 500 to 1200 students.  GDS faculty and staff population will increase accordingly.

FACILITIES EXPANSION: GDS plans to construct multiple facilities to accommodate the increased student population including:  lower and middle school buildings, playing fields, plaza, and parking garage.

BUSINESS & RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT: GDS plans to construct two high-rise mixed-use towers along Wisconsin Avenue with approximately 270-290 apartments (1 BR & Jr 2 BR). These will likely be rental units.  Retail space will occupy the ground floors.  Both buildings will rise 80 feet on Wisconsin Ave; on the 42nd St side the North building will rise 87 feet 3 inches and the South building will rise 95 feet 9 inches. GDS must seek a waiver of the 50-ft matter-of-right height limit currently in force in the C-2-A zone before construction can proceed.

The mixed-use plan includes a 180-190 unit underground parking garage to serve residents, retail employees, and their patrons.  GDS proposes that residents be denied Zone 3 Residential Parking Permits.

Information on development plans from GDS is available here.

ANC meeting minutes include details learned during GDS presentations, available here