Urban Investment Partners (UIP) DC Zoning Commission Application of November 21, 2016 to up-zone the site at 4620–24 Wisconsin Ave. NW.  to MU-7 (formerly C-3-A) from MU-4 (formerly C-2-A)

On November 21, 2016, Urban Investment Partners in the name of Wisconsin Owner LLC filed a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application with the DC Zoning Commission, Case No. 16–26, requesting up-zoning of the site at 4620–24 Wisconsin Ave. NW to allow it to build a 90 foot high building in an area presently zoned for 50 feet height restriction. 

UIP says it intends to start construction in June 2017, but it will need Zoning Commission approval of the up-zoning before it can begin construction. 

UIP has made several presentations to ANC3E, which appears inclined to endorse UIP’s PUD Application, notwithstanding that the very lot where construction is intended was down-zoned to C-2-A from C-3-A by the Zoning Commission after an extended hearing and consideration in 1988. 

UIP is again on the ANCE agenda for the Thursday, December 8 meeting to be held at Chevy Chase Pavilion at 7:30 PM. It is also possible that the ANC will vote to approve UIP’s Application at that meeting. 

Therefore, it is extremely important that those concerned about the precedential effect on height and density in the Wisconsin Avenue Corridor between Brandywine and Harrison Streets, presently zoned MU – 4 (formerly C-2-A, i.e., 50 foot height restriction), state their objection to UIP’s attempt to up-zone-- both at the ANC3E meeting and in writing to their ANC representative and our Ward 3 Councilmember, Mary Cheh.

A DC Zoning Commission approval of up-zoning of 4620-24 Wisconsin Ave. to MU-7 (90 foot height restriction) would set a terrible precedent for all development North of that site on Wisconsin Ave., including perhaps causing Georgetown Day School to change its mind from deciding not to pursue up-zoning of the former Martens Volvo site to C-3-A as part of its now withdrawn PUD Application.

There is no principled reason why UIP should obtain up-zoning in the very block where down-zoning to C-2-A (new MU-4) was carefully considered long since the Tenley Metro site and status quo have been in place.